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Works Council for the Artistic-Scientific Staff

Term of office 21.12.2020-20.12.2025

According to the Austrian Labor Constitutional Act (Arbeitsverfassungsgesetz) §38 it is the duty of the Works Council to care for and support all employees regarding all economic, social, health and cultural interests.

We oversee

  • Legal compliance as well as contracts, e.g. Austrian Labor Constitutional Act (Arbeitsverfassungsgesetz), Labour Protection Act (Arbeitnehmer*innenschutzgesetz), University Act 2002 (Universitätsgesetz), Collective Labour Agreement (Kollektivvertrag)

We are engaged in

  • negotiations with the Rectorate, the Human Resources Department and the University Council
  • committees (data privacy, health and safety at work)
  • conclusion of a works agreements

We counsel and support by means of

  • individual appointments
  • attendance/support of employee dialogues (Ziel-Feedback-Gespräch)
  • individual interventions
  • reinforcement of workplace health promotions
  • conflict management
  • attendance in case of planned dismissals

We inform

  • in our capacity as supporting contact point

We foster and maintain networks supporting the interests of the artistic and scientific staff

  • by the close exchange/collaboration with the works council general staff of the academy
  • by attending academic presentations/conferences (presentation of div. activity reports, information events regarding planned activities,)
  • by exchange with other academic works councils, the Public Service Union (GÖD), Austrian Chamber of Labour (AK)
  • by our attendance in supporting activities with the GÖD or AK