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Dipl.-Ing. Antje Lehn

Art and Architecture
+ 43 (1) 58816 - 5123
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Antje Lehn teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at the Institute for Art and Architecture (since 2000) and at the Institute for Education in the Arts (since 2007). She studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and worked as an architect in Vienna, London, Munich and Milan. She is a member of the Initiative Baukulturvermittlung and the Wanderklasse association. Her research focuses on architectural mediation for young people and participatory methods for mapping urban spaces. She is currently writing her dissertation on "Atlas of Invisible Spaces. Mapping as a tool and medium of spatial education".

At the Academy, she is a member of the Equal Opportunities Team since 2006 and served as its chair from 2018-21. From 2006-22, she was a substitute member of the Senate. From 2007-15, she was deputy chair of the Institute of Art and Architecture. She was involved in proposal writing and leadership of the HRSM project Akademie geht in die Schule (AgidS). She was involved in proposal writing and implementing the Platform Vielfalt project in the context of a digital and social transformation call.

Publications (selection)

Cartwright, William; Gartner Georg; Lehn, Antje (Eds.) (2009): Cartography and Art, with contributions from among others Caquard, Sébastien; Gartner, Georg; Piatti, Barbara; Thun-Hohenstein, Felicitas; Berlin, Heidelberg

Gruber, Stefan; Lehn, Antje; Schmidt-Colinet, Lisa; Schnell, Angelika (Eds.) (2015): BIG!BAD?MODERN: Four Megabuildings in Vienna, with contributions from among others Czech, Hermann; Fromonot, Françoise; Kraft, Sabine; Zinganel, Michael; Zurich

Lehn, Antje; Stuefer, Renate (Eds.) (2011): räume bilden - Wie Schule und Architektur kommunizieren, with contributions from among others Hofmann, Susanne; Kühn, Christian; Lehn, Antje; Stuefer, Renate; Vienna

Lehn, Antje (2015): „Atlas unsichtbarer Räume – Vermessungen an der Schnittstelle Schule und Stadt“ in: Heil, Christine; Kreative Störfälle – (Un)gewöhnlicher Dingumgang in ästhetischen Bildungsprozessen, Flensburg, pp.258-271

Lehn, Antje (2016): „Spielräume schulischer Displays“ in: Barberi, Alessandro et al; Medienimpulse. Beiträge zur Medienpädagogik 2014-2015, Vienna, pp. 41-48.

Lehn, Antje; Termini, Isabell (2017): „Stadtkarten und Vorstellungsbilder aus der Peripherie“ in: Békési, Sandor; Doppler, Elke; Wien von oben - Die Stadt auf einen Blick, pp. 130-131.

Lehn, Antje (2017): „Atlas of Invisible Spaces: Mapping the Interface between School and City in Vienna´s 15th District“ in: Rethinking Density. Art, Culture and Urban Practices, Berlin, pp. 50-54

Lehn, Antje (2018): „Atlas of Invisible Spaces - Mapping the Interface between School and City“ in: Diebäcker, Marc et al; Urban Transformations and Qualities of Life in the Growing City, pp. 150-160.

Lehn, Antje (2018): „Atlas of Invisible Spaces: mapping in school environments“ in: Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Urban Design and Planning, Volume 171, Issue 1, pp. 34-42