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Mag. Sabina Simonic

Conservation and Restoration
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Sabina Simonič is a Senior Scientist at the Institute for Conservation and Restoration, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Specializing in modern and contemporary art conservation, she has excelled as a freelance conservator since 2003. Her current focus lies in her dissertation on the significant impact of Hackerculture on the preservation of Time-Based Media.

Between 2009 and 2012, Sabina served as chairwoman at the first Austrian Hackerspace: Metalab and subsequently became a founding member of the pioneering feminist Hackerspace, Mz Baltazar’s Lab highlighting her commitment to fostering inclusive tech communities.

She represents professional interests within the field of conservation while also extending her dedication beyond the practical work itself. She holds the position of Vice President at Berufsverband Österreichischer Restauratorinnen und Restauratoren (ÖRV). Additionally, she's a board member at ENCoRE contributing to the advancement of conservation education in Europe. Furthermore, Sabina proudly represents Austria as the Delegate of the European Confederation of Conservators-Restorers' Organisations (E.C.C.O.) a reflection of her international impact.




Simonic, Sabina (2020): Risikoanalyse eines computerbasierten Kunstwerks der Künstlergruppe monochrom, Diplomarbeit, Wien

Magazine articles

Simonic, Sabina. „Erwin Thorn DISKUS I (1966/67): In Form gegossenes Ereignis in Weiß“ in: Magazin des Österreichischen Restauratorenverbands, 2019, #12, S. 23-32, ISBN: 978-3-9504618-1-7

Simonic, Sabina. „Aktuelles aus dem Dachverband E.C.C.O.: Die Bedeutung des Berufstitelschutzes sowie der Reglementierung des Berufs der KonservatorInnen und RestauratorInnen in Europa“ in: Magazin des Berufsverbands Österreichischen Restauratorinnen und Restauratoren, 2022, #15, S. 6-9, ISBN: 978-3-9504618-5-5

Simonic, Sabina. „INTERACTIVE DIY ARTWORK – Conservation strategies between the physical manifestation and its functionality“ in IIC Restauratorenblätter / IIC Papers of Conservation, 2023, N°39, S. 39-50, ISBN: 978-3-99137-040-6

Simonic, Sabina. „Dynamischer Rückblick: Jahresbericht über den Dachverband E.C.C.O.“ in: Magazin des Berufsverbands Österreichischen Restauratorinnen und Restauratoren, 2023, #16, S. 9-11, ISBN: 978-3-9504618-7-9

Simonic, Sabina. „Risikoanalyse und Signifikanzerfassung eines computerbasierten Werkes“ in: Zeitschrift für Kunsttechnologie und Konservierung ZKK / Journal for art technology and conservation, 2023, 36.Jahrgang 2023 Heft 1, S. 179-188, ISSN: 0931-7198