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Generations. Works by Anna Barbieri, Martin Rovan, Catharina Szonn

Event Label
Organisational Units
University Library
Location Address (1)
Schillerplatz 3
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1010 Vienna
Location Room (1)
University Library (Reading room)

Exhibition in the context of the event series Wer A… sagt organised by the University Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Gen X, zoomers, millennials, boomers and inter-generational contracts: The climate crisis and the pandemic render visible obligations, affiliations, but also differences. Titled “Generations” and based on collaborative work exchanges and methods, this exhibition places the complexity of the generic hypernym generation into the premises of the academy library.

The library is a place where affiliations to artist generations are presented and brought together. It treasures the geneology of the art world and determines access and accessibility. Against this background and one's own participation in this categorically operating art scene, "Generations" searches for a different relationship between experienced youth, identification with time(s) and the moment of nostalgic throwbacks. How does thinking across generations feed into solidarity dialogues and exchanges?

Anna Barbieri and Martin Rovan study in the MA Critical Studies programme. Catharina Szonn studied during an Erasmus Exchange in 2018 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Since 2018, the artists are in continuous exchange and communication.

Anna Barbieri, 1989 born in Wien/AT, lives and works in Vienna
Martin Rovan, 1993 born in Klagenfurt/AT, lives and works in Wien
Catharina Szonn, 1987 born in Großenhain/D, lives and works in Frankfurt am Main