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(Scientific) research

Organisational Units
University Library
Location Description
Raum 3.11 (EDV-Schulungsraum)
Location Address (1)
Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1070 Wien

The course provides an overview of available tools for searching for professional literature and other scientific information. The focus is on digital information resources.

Topics: Web search engines, scientific search engines, library search engines, online catalogs, electronic journals library (EZB), database information system (DBIS).

Monolingual format (German); with Andreas Ferus.

Minimum 5, maximum 15 participants | Registration required:


In the course of its Teaching Library Program WissensWert [worth knowing], the University Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers introductory courses, seminars and events in order to impart information literacy.

The program comprises introductory courses for new students on how to use the library as well as expert trainings in e-media research. These courses focus on accessing, evaluating, and processing information, and on how to handle such information responsibly. Why can we use many databases free of charge; (how) is information evaluated; what does peer-reviewed mean, and what is an impact factor (IF) ; why is Google so popular and what dangers lurk there? The programs are tailored to the respective target audiences, and scripts are provided to enable participants to deepen their knowledge through self-study. The aim is to equip course participants with the abilities and skills they require to cope with the demands of our information society.