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CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Courses in Gender / Queer

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Closing Date for Applications
Due Date
Su 12.2.2017

Applications for Courses in Gender / Queer Studies for the academic year 2017/2018 at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna should be submitted via e-mail

by Sunday, February 12 th 2017
to the Network for the Advancement of Women:

The selection process is divided in two steps: An advisory board consisting of experts in the fields of Gender / Queer Studies plus two student representatives compile a shortlist of 3 applications for each Institute at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. This shortlist is transmitted to the Institute directors who will make the final decision for each institute. The total amount for courses is 1 lecture and 5 seminars per year (each course lasting  for two academic hours a week). A weekly held course is preferred, courses may be partly taught in longer segments, but cannot be taught in just a few long segments. The quality of your proposal will be the primary selection criteria. The advisory board tries to select proposals that represent a variety of topics for a broad range of institutes and study programs at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The decision will be taken by the beginning of April 2017.

Courses in gender/queer studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna can be offered  within all study programs.It is also possible to propose courses at the intersection with other fields, for example Decolonial Studies, Anti-Racism and Anti-Semitism Studies or courses that focus on performative or bodily practices.

There are two different teaching assignments:

For individuals without teaching experience at university-level

During the summer semester 2018 you will be responsible for teaching your submitted course. As a preparation for this, you will co-teach a course together with a colleague from the Academy during the winter semester 2017/18. In your proposal you may indicate possible faculty for co-teaching in autumn, although this is not necessary. The purpose of the co-teaching period is to introduce you to teaching methods in higher education via the support of a co-teacher/mentor.

Winter Semester: Co-teaching monthly remuneration: min. € 270,20, paid seven times

Summer Semester: Seminar / Workshop (Übung): Monthly remuneration min.
€ 311,70, paid seven times

For individuals with teaching experience at university-level

You will teach your proposed course during either the winter or summer semester . Please state if you prefer to give your course in the winter  (October – January) or summer semester (March – June) or if both terms would be possible.

Lecture (Vorlesung ): Monthly remuneration min. € 415,30, paid seven times

Seminar / Workshop (Übung ): Monthly remuneration min. € 311,70, paid seven times

Team Teaching: For both types of assignments it is possible to teach a course jointly with someone at the Academy (team teaching). Please check the respective curriculum and contact your possible colleague(s) in advance. Please note, that in the case of team teaching the remuneration has to be shared equally among both teachers.

Please note that lectures (Vorlesungen ) are research-based scholarly courses. The higher remuneration compared to seminars is based on a higher estimated workload for the teachers: for each academic hour (45 minutes) 90 minutes of preparation and 45 minutes of wrap-up. The teacher is solely responsible for presenting the course – students may be given time for discussion, but larger contributions, e.g. presentations by students or papers, cannot be expected. Lectures can only be held by persons with a habilitation, doctorate or PhD-degree.

Seminars or Workshops (Übungen ) can be based on scholarly or artistic as well as arts based research issues and methods. In these courses, students are required to contribute substantially in written (papers) and/or oral form (presentations). The estimated workload for teachers is therefore: 45 minutes preparation and 45 minutes wrap-up for each academic hour of 45 minutes.

Students of “Fashion and Styles” have the opportunity to select a proseminar offered by Gender/Queer Studies. The study program “Fashion and Styles” is part of the curriculum “Education in the Arts” ( künstlerisches Lehramtsstudium ). In this bachelor´s program, proseminars count as seminars. If these students attend your seminar, they have the possibility to write a term paper / Proseminararbeit (for an additional 1 ECTS). If you apply for holding a seminar please indicate if you are willing and able to offer this option for BA students in Education in the Arts. To be eligible, you need experience in the supervision of term papers/ Proseminararbeiten.

The proposal has to include:

- Application form

-             Description of the proposed course in English or German including the following information (max. 1 page exkl. course literature)

  • Title of the course (should be provided in both English and German)
  • Content
  • Course type (lecture or seminar)
  • Expected prior knowledge of the students
  • Goals (expected learning outcomes and acquired skills)
  • Teaching method
  • Proposed course literature

-             Curriculum Vitae (max. 1 page / please indicate if you have taught at university-level before)

Please submit your proposal in one single pdf-file!

Assignments will only be given to those individuals, which did not teach a course on the basis of this gender/queer studies program at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna („Frauenspezifische Lehrveranstaltungen“) within the last three years.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna intends to increase the number of women in all areas of staff, particularly in managerial, scientific and artistic staff positions. Therefore, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna greatly encourages qualified women to apply. In the event that several applicants are equally qualified, women will be the preferred candidates. The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is committed to implementing anti-discriminatory measures in its personnel policies.

We are looking forward to your proposals!

Academy of Fine Arts Vienna