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Die Subalternen: Ursprung und Entwicklung eines postkolonialen Schlüsselbegriffs

Event Label
Book presentation
Organisational Units
Art Theory and Cultural Studies
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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Lecture and book presentation and discussion with Ingo Pohn-Lauggas. Organized by Jenst Kastner, Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

The concept of the subaltern is one of Antonio Gramsci's concepts that plays a central role in current critical theories, not least in the context of postcolonial studies. In order to understand how Gramsci developed it and then gave it the complex meanings that make the concept so fruitful for contemporary debates, it is worth taking a look at his early writings on the southern question, which have now been published in a new translation.

Antonio Gramsci: Südfrage und Subalterne. Ed. by Ingo Pohn-Lauggas and Alexandra Assinger. Hamburg 2023 (Argument Verlag).