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Material transports content

Event Label
Lecture series
Organisational Units
Conservation – Restoration

The lecture series Material transports content deals with the reception of material in all its levels of meaning.

The discipline of conservation-restoration begins with the materiality of works but also includes the immaterial levels of meaning in its research. The spectrum of research focuses ranges from art-technological investigations, research on the biography of works and painting sources to questions of preventive conservation, documentation procedures, the development of conservation-restoration methods and material-scientific investigations.

However, questions about problematic provenances with regard to colonial and historical backgrounds as well as proprietary access to materials and new technologies are increasingly arising. Within this discourse, trans- and interdisciplinary exchange is an essential approach.

The lecture series is therefore intended to deepen the exchange with experts from different disciplines and to put up for discussion the significance of their research content for conservation-restoration.

Coordination of the lecture series: Mag. Beate Sipek