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Best Available Copy 4 - the preservation of time-based media art ... documentation as a copy

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Lecture Series
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Conservation – Restoration
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Online via Zoom

The lecture series Best Available Copy is entering its fourth round. The discursive research now focuses on the method of documentation.

The documentation of a work is able to position itself almost autonomously alongside the work itself, sometimes as the only source, historical artifact, granulate, independent work of art and can take on diverse, variable forms such as photography, interview transcript, installation manual, index card, software code, etc..

Documentation can only formulate the claim of an objective truth, but can never completely do justice to it. Supposedly obvious and elementary in the preservation of cultural assets, "recording" thus opens up new, variable perspectives.

It is precisely within this multi-perspective framework that we consider and discuss the inter-dependencies of documentation, truth, significance, copy, author and art. The authors (artists, recipients, technicians, archivists) determine the focus and relevance.

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