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Was würde die historische Materialistin sagen? (... vielleicht „most relevant copy") - RUTH SONDEREGGER

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Conservation – Restoration
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Online via Zoom

Lecture as part of the lecture series Best Available Copy 4 - the preservation of time-based media art ... documentation as a copy at the Institute for Conservation-Restoration.

RUTH SONDEREGGER, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

My lecture is an attempt, with the help of (among others) Walter Benjamin and Donna Haraway, to find answers to the challenges of knowledge and truth practices that face their historical roots as well as the claim to act ethically and politically in the present. I will first explain Benjamin's answer, according to which the construction of dialectical images is necessary in view of this challenge, with a view to the development of historical knowledge and cultural studies, and then discuss with the participants of the lecture series whether this suggestion can also be helpful for the field of conservation and restoration.