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[feast of conversations] re/vision re/vision fashion_feminist pleasure and radical knowledge

Event Label
Organisational Units
Education in the Arts
Location Description
Schillerplatz 3
1010 Vienna
Aktsaal, Room 05a

Language of the event: English

International get-together, organized by Fashions & Styles,  Institute for Education in the Arts.

re/vision fashion_feminist pleasure and radical knowledge is dedicated to a multi-perspective approach of critical fashion knowledge that interrelates and connects theory and practice. it will deepen the scope of “intellectual activism and critical art and design projects team[ing] up to decolonize, politicize and democratize fashion research” (gaugele/titton, 2022). The “feast of conversations” format already hints towards a playful and experimental space for critical thinking and doing. therefore, we crafted an international get-together of prestigious theoretical and practical positions from south africa via europe to the united states. in the spirit of the entangled umbrella topics re/vision fashion - feminist pleasure - radical knowledge, we will explore questions of contemporary ideas in fashion design and research in the context of social justice and questions of decolonization and migration in fashion in research and design including a contemporary mediation concept of design.
additionally, the event provides art conversations, too. You are invited to listen to the affects of Black and queer poetry as well as participate in radical intersectional feminist interventions in ai-algorithms.

prof. dr. elke krasny

1000am | rector dr. johan hartle

1010am | dr. sarah held

1030am - 0430pm | introduction FUT’s feminist_futures
come on in, come on in!!!
see nothing ever like it before! FUT’s feminist_futures shatters the male gaze and destroys stereotypes! using ai imagery as a feminist weapon, we prompt collectively to forge a bold vision of fashion’s feminist future.

1045am – 1215pm | embedded knowledge / plural histories / fashion democratization: a social justice fashion-based approach
discussion: dr. khaya Mchunu, tinyiko baloyi, kimberly bediako
moderation: beata wilczek, ma

1215pm – 1230pm | edited by: making kin (through making books)
dr. monica titton

[lunch break] 
1230pm – 0130pm

0130pm - 0200pm | from scratch*growing in pieces 
the project 'from scratch: a reflection in retrospect of the life of a strange herb' is based on the auto-fictional story of AE, a Black child born in a white majority society. its experiences while growing up—captured in short texts and poems—are the basis for the individual parts of the project.

0200pm - 0230pm | critical mediation of arts and design
prof. dr. martina fineder & dr.  birke sturm

[cake & break]
0230pm  – 0330pm 

0330pm - 0430pm  | wardrobe study, wordless story
dr. christina moon 

0430 pm - 0500pm 
w/ prof. dr. elke gaugele & dr. christina moon

0500pm - 0530 pm | results 
FUT’s feminist_futures

gimmick by the “fashion and the far-right. the new complexity in style” research team

sarah held, anna menecia antenete hambira, carolin bohlmann, elke krasny 

dr. khaya mchunu, university of johannesburg
kimberly bediako,  university of johannesburg
tinyiko baloyi,  university of johannesburg
dr. christina moon, parsons school of design, new york
dr. monica titton, university of applied arts vienna
prof. dr. martina fineder, university of wuppertal
ass. prof. dr. birke sturm, mozarteum salzburg
beata wilczek, ma, academy of fine arts vienna
prof. dr. elke krasny, academy of fine arts vienna
dr. sarah held, academy of fine arts vienna
prof. dr. elke gaugele, academy of fine arts vienna
FUT’s feminist_futures