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Hortus: Open Plan Living

Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Big Garden
Location Venue (1)
Location Address (1)
Kurzbauergasse 9
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1020 Wien

An exhibition by students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Hortus: Open Plan Living is a space between trees. It’s a collective and ongoing building process and attempt of care taking. Artists became builders and gardeners of a structure that refuses to be fully defined. It can be a workshop, an exhibition space and the possibility of collective actions in pandemic times. We spent entire Tuesdays in the trees and figured out ways of implementing materials that have been stored, cultivated or forgotten within and around the garden of Kurzbauergasse. This construction of a temporary space will be inaugurated with an exhibition on June 25th and 26th.

Hilma Backström, Viktoria Bayer, Clara Biller, Emma Carlén, Nana Dahlin, Freija Goetke, Lena Goldsteiner, Clemens Grömmer, Felix Grühbaum, Yoko Halbwidl, Tobias Hansen, Florian Hofer, Leonie Huber, Red Huemer, Julia Karpova, Alex Kolowos, Hanna Kučera, Raúl I. Lima, Tabea Marschall & Sophia Garner, Taro Meissner, Alexander Nescu, Fritjof Krabbe Nørretranders, Manfred Pernice, Michael Reindel, Rasmus Richter, Anne Schmidt