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Alexandru Coșarcă: Happymetal

Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
1010 Vienna

The performance HAPPYMETAL will take place at 6pm and 8pm as part of Queering the KHM in the exhibtion Iron Men in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien.

With his all-encompassing tenderness, strength without fear of getting hurt, and a brave “Yes”, Corsarca transforms himself into a queer knight, donning his armour to roam the galleries of Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

„I have to fight for my gay-justice, I have to protect my mirror image! How can I protect happiness without being evil?“
In eight chapters Cosarca walks through the museum to take a stand. Wearing a transformative armour between cyborg and mother, between sound, video, and speech performance, Alexandru Cosarca wants both to protect himself and break a lance for the queer community.