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Curator's talk: VIELGESCHICHTIG. 6 Portraits I 31 Conversations I 6 Languages

Event Label
Guided Tour
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Alma Rosé-Plateau
1010 Wien

In the curator's talk, interested parties will learn more about the background of the artistic video installation VIELGESCHICHTIG. 6 Portraits | 31 Conversations | 6 Languages.

The special exhibition at the Alma Rosé-Plateau of the hdgö focuses on the complexity of different life paths: Six selected people tell other people about their biography and their origins - with surprising insights: The conversations captured on video show how a person's self-designs change depending on who the counterpart is. Viewers experience an impressive density of human encounters, historical incidents and sometimes silent overtones. As different as the respective experiences are, the lives shown have one thing in common: the stories of the narrators connect at certain points with those of Austria and Vienna in particular.

Guided tour fee: € 4 / reduced € 3 per person plus admission.

Limited number of participants. Tickets are available at the museum ticket office.