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Archival Love

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Lecture by Barbara Clausen
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Fine Arts
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Online via Zoom

In the context of the lecture series IBK, Studio of Performative Arts.

As part of her research Barbara Clausen will discuss the evolvement and impact of performance-based art practices in the visual arts as an increasingly fluid medial entity that oscillates between affect driven agency and conceptual site specificity. Looking at the work of Joan Jonas, Tanya Lukin Linklater, and Jimmy Robert, Clausen will think about the interplay of the performative with the archival and the curatorial as they unfold continuously through their enactments and stagings. Subsequently asking how images, objects, texts and sound-based documentary materials and the various analogue and digital archives that house them can become a source of knowledge transfer and a site as much as medium for interacting with and rethinking the past within the present in critical ways.
CV short 
Barbara Clausen is a curator and professor in the art history department and Vice Dean for Research and Creation at the Faculty of Arts, at the University of Québec in Montréal, Canada. Since 2000 she has lectured and written extensively on the historiography and institutionalization of performance-based art practices and the discourses surrounding the politics of the body and the archive. She has over the last twenty years curated and collaborated on numerous exhibitions and performance series in Europe as well as North America. Since 2017 she is the Curatorial Research Director of the Joan Jonas Knowledge Base in collaboration with the Artists Archives Initiative (NYU New York) and is currently co-editing a monograph on Joan Jonas, to be published by Dia Art Foundation in New York in 2022.