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Gender and Space Workshop with Anne Glassner

Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Venue (1)
Sculpture Studios
Location Address (1)
Kurzbauergasse 9
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1020 Vienna
Location Room (1)
Project room 2, 104

The Gender and Space Workshops explore and develop approaches to intervene in, question or rework spatial orders, which are always also gender orders. The first workshop will be held by Anne Glassner.

The workshop will provide insights into the artistic practice of Anne Glassner. Following the topos of "sleep", which Glassner has been exploring for years in her site-specific research, this workshop is dedicated to the theme of the diffusion of public and private spaces as well as the slowing down and explores relationships between bodies and spaces. We will focus on various performative techniques in public spaces, among others.

Anne Glassner is a visual artist and performer. Her performances, videos, installations and drawings are evidence of intensive observations of recurring, everyday and merely supposedly banal actions, which she rethinks in conceptual and creative ways and thus elicits deeper secrets from them. The theme of sleep has been a central point of her artistic work for some time, which finds expression in "sleep performances", among other things. In these performances, the artist allows herself to be observed sleeping in unusual places. The boundaries between art and life, as well as between fiction and reality, are explored here and remixed in a different form. Anne Glassner's approach is characterised by constant questions about self-perception and the perception of others, as well as about the intersection of intimacy and the public sphere.

Anne Glassner studied painting at the University of Applied Arts and art education at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She has carried out numerous projects in public spaces in Germany, Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Turkey. In 2018 she received the MUSA Award of the City of Vienna and in 2021 the Recognition Award of the Province of Lower Austria for Visual Arts,

The Gender and Space Workshops are an initiative of Romana Hagyo, Visiting Professor for Gender and Space, the workshop will be held in english.