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Omer Krieger - Public Actions

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Fine Arts
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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Conference room

Lecture by Omer Krieger as part of the IBK lecture series/Ringvorlesung, organised by Eduard Freudmann

Omer Krieger is an artist based in Berlin. The focus of his work has been on performative actions in public space, social situations, forms of assembly and civic choreographies. He is the co-founder of Public movement, a performance group based in Tel Aviv, which has worked on a variety of performative actions in public space, such as events, rituals, ceremonies, and political actions. Many of their works are created in collaboration with scholars and experts in fields outside of the arts.

Krieger was the artistic director of Under the Mountain, a festival of public art which operated in public institutions and sites of national, civic and religious significance in Jerusalem, presenting performances, architectural expressions and common assets by artists, citizens and public officials. 

Between 2018 and 2020, Krieger served as the artistic director of 1:1 Center, which operated in a three-story building in the neighbourhood of Neve Shaanan in South Tel Aviv. The center related art and politics and hosted a series of exhibitions, a trans-disciplinary event program, talks, screenings, courses, workshops and actions in public space. Among others it was home to the ARDC (the African Refugee Development Center), the Israeli-African Theater, a non-profit organization that supports sex workers and drug users as well as the Neve Shaanan Archive.

In May 2023 Krieger presented his performance piece Eviction at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, turning a spotlight on the critical moment, in which a group of people refuses to leave a building, and a political force is sent to evict them. Through a composition of movement, architecture, video, music, and documentary sound, moments of eviction unfold on a 1:1 scale, enabling the audience to witness closely the choreography of eviction – from the barricaded group’s side and from the evicting forces’ side.

Following the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas in Israel in October 2023, the Jewish Museum Berlin is currently showing the video work Rehearsing the Spectacle of Spectres, a production by Omer Krieger and Nir Evron created in 2014. The work focuses on Kibbutz Be’eri - one of the Israeli communities most affected by the October 7 attacks on the Gaza border.