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Fine Arts
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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the_print_fest is an open format of theworkshop for Intaglio Printing to enable art related education, tacit- and peer-learning experiences, and awareness of the divers works of cultural and artistic practices, in an open access setting. Opening on 5.12. at 17 h, film screening at 20:15 h.

the_print_fest is the first in a series of festivals in which new teaching content is playfully illuminated and conveyed, and sensitised to a wide variety of concepts and materialities. The potential in art education, the implicit transfer of knowledge and peer learning are also expanded by the diverse participants that celebrate working together in a print workshop.

Based on an art affiliated community with practitioners of the printed image in its many forms in 2-3-4dimensions, and special guests from the creative scene, the aim is to enable the awareness within the group to understand the diversity of different ways of working by intuitively absorbing the shared working situation.

We will be spending time together to play, experiment, learn, wonder, and celebrate. A group of young artists of different departments of the academy will be showing works in the studio. We will have the opportunity to apply the turkish marbling technique called ‚ebru‘ brought to us by Nazim Ünal Yilmaz, experiment with polyesterlithography with the help of Gregor Beiwl, try some kitchen lithography with Renata Darabant, watch an autobiographical film by Ayala Shoshana Guy while highlighting potentials of monotype, and her colleague she has invited to show as a special guest to be announced.

As it is a fest, we will celebrate with some food and drinks, but we appreciate donations for the fest, and there will be possibility to support this new open format on site. Please bring your cup, and an apron, beside your curiosity, knowledge and empathy.

We are looking forward to your visit to the first of hopefully many more celebrations, in an open access setting where the public as well as institutions open up, feel and create their embeddedness and connection together.