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Gender and Space Tour with Anna T. (curator) in the exhibition Close[t] Demonstrations, an exhibition on the multitudes of queer invisibility

Event Label
Guided Tour
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Description
Hockegasse 37, House 4
1180 Vienna

An event organized by the studio of Gender and Space at the Institute of Fine Arts. Lecture in English

The event series Gender and Space Tours/Talks/Workshops explores and develops approaches to intervene in spatial orders, which are always also gender orders, to question or rework them.

Gender and Space invites all interested visitors to a guided tour with Anna T. (curator) in the exhibition Close[t] Demonstrations. The exhibition comprises artists from around the world showcasing work that addresses the relationship between the political and the visual, and explore visual aspects of today’s queer lives, struggles and imaginations. The artworks attempt to unearth the power dynamics, pleasures, and desires involved in queer in_visibilty, and the diverse ways queer in_visibilities manifest within (post)colonial, authoritarian, neoliberal, capitalist regimes,

The space is accessible via ramp (inclination), the exhibition has 1,20m corridors with 1,50m spots for pivoting wheelchairs. Feel invited to contact me, if you have questions on the accessibility,