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Activism and Community Work

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Fine Arts
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Online via Zoom

Meeting ID: 630 3778 3912

A talk with Henrie Dennis,, from Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA) about Institutional racism, activism, and community work.

Join us for an engaging Zoom talk as we delve into the aftermath of the publication "Civil Society Reimagined. Citizens’ Memories and Imaginaries: Democratic Citizenship" (edited by Marina Gržinić, Sophie Uitz, Jovita Pristovšek, München: kopaed 2024).  In this session, we are honored to host Henrie Dennis from Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA), who will illuminate the intersection of institutional racism, activism, and community work. Together, we will explore the critical role of civil society in shaping democratic citizenship, and address the challenges and opportunities faced by marginalized communities, and gain insights and perspectives on pressing social issues.

Henrie Dennis is an art curator and activist who advocates for the visibility, lives, and realities of queer Africans. She is the founder of Afro Rainbow Austria and co-chair of Planet10, a redistributive network that advocates for the sharing of privilege and resources among diverse groups. She is also a board member of D:Arts Vienna, Projektbüro für Diversität und urbanen Dialog. She currently works as a social worker at Verein Sand und Zeit, the publisher of Augustin Street newspaper while also pursuing a PhD in philosophy at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. 

Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA) is the first organization by and for African LGBTQI+ in Austria with the aim of creating a communicative and interactive platform. Still relevant is the fact that most Africans refuse to recognize homophobia as a colonial legacy, considering that before colonialism, many traditional cultures in Africa were tolerant of different sexualities and gender relations.