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Engaging with Complexities / The Need for Antisemitism

A conversation with Sheri Avraham and Daniel Sanin

Event Label
Organisational Units
Fine Arts
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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Conference room

Bilingual: English / German

The event is organized by a group of students, teachers, alumni and artists who strive to point out and criticise antisemitism in the art world.

Where there should be capitalism critique that shows awareness of complexity, contradictions and one’s own entanglement, things are often painted in black and white. Especially in the art world, a climate of intimidation and one-sided appropriation has prevailed, not least since October 7, in which ways of thinking and utilising symbols are no longer critically reflected in terms of their (anti-)emancipatory content.
What about responsibility for one’s way of thinking? What functions can be attributed to antisemitism in capitalism? How does antisemitism work individually and collectively to divide a complex world into good and evil?

In addition to harming others, racism and antisemitism are also self-harming. They do not aim to analyse contradictions together. Rather, they suppress these contradictions at the expense of others and thus make their own entanglement in oppressive contexts and mechanisms incomprehensible. Austria’s FPÖ is heading election surveys yet we seem to be better informed about Israel’s extreme right, how is that? And why does the Palestinian ‘liberation struggle’ seem to have a strong appeal for leftists and PoC living here?

Sheri Avraham (they/them/she/her) is an artist, curator and performer. Creating photograms, installations, video works and performances. Sheri’s work reflects on contemporary forms of art expression and production.

Daniel Sanin is a clinical and health psychologist, works individually and organizationally on topics like critical psychology, discrimination / stigmatization / marginalization, mental health and masculinities.