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Who is afraid of class struggle? And some other behavior patterns

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Lecture by Sergio Zevallos, Berlin and Lima, as part of  the IBK lectures organized by the studio for Art and Intervention | Concept, Prof. Marina Grzinic.

In this talk Sergio Zevallos will make a journey through different periods of his artistic work, relating them to the political context in which he was living, and to the controversial behaviors and ideas that were generated at that point. The talk develops as a memory of a performance praxis for a social survival and the graphical way of recording that experience. He will present some representative projects for each period, also describing in detail aspects of the processes of their realization.

Sergio Zevallos is a multidisciplinary artist noted for his subversive body actions, photographs, drawings, and installations. He was co-founder of Grupo Chaclacayo (Lima, Peru), a collective of the 1980s that dealt with the intersection of religion, gender, and armed conflicts. In 1989 the group migrated to Germany until it dissolved in 1994. Since then he lives and works between Lima and Berlin. Zevallos works on issues of transcultural identity, gender, and the relationship between the individual and power, or between intimacy and the codes of institutionality. He configures his performative works, installations, photographs, drawings, and sound compositions by collecting images and texts of public circulation, press, popular magazines, television programs, educational manuals and religious images, which he then recontextualizes and reinterprets anew.

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