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Infra-thin and Infrastructure

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Schillerplatz 3, 1. floor
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1010 Vienna

A discussion in the context of the exhibition Conditions and Frameworks: Infrastructure as Form and Medium with Paula Strunden, Angelika Schnell, Sabeth Buchmann and Martin Beck.

In her PhD thesis Simulating Atmospheres: How to digitize multisensory and embodied spatial perception in architecture, Paula Strunden traces the space between virtual and physical experience, starting from the concept of infra-thin coined by artist Marcel Duchamp. With Angelika Schnell, who is supervising her PhD thesis, as well as Sabeth Buchmann and Martin Beck, Paula Strunden will discuss her research and its connection to the infrastructure discussion, including Keller Easterling's understanding of infrastructure as an active form.

The event is in English.

Paula Strunden's PhD thesis is part of the EU-funded research project Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Way of Knowing.