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Isabelle Graw. The Changing Grounds of Value

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Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Wien, Aktsaal

An event in context of the exhibition Conditions and Frameworks: Infrastructure as Form and Medium

We are very happy to welcome Isabelle Graw as our guest at the Academy! In this lecture she will introduce the broad lines of her theory of the (specific) value of art.

In methodological terms her presentation will combine theoretical propositions and case studies – they go hand in hand. Her attempt towards a more general theorizing of Art’s specific value-form thus relates to specific artistic practices after 1945: From Piero Manzoni's Merda d'Artista to Cameron Rowland's rental contracts. She will also address the changes that occur in a global pandemic, changes that affect the „Value of Art.” Due to the pandemic, social struggles – above all Black Lives Matter – have intensified worldwide. In view of these protest movements like Black Lives Matter and also #MeToo Isabelle Graw will end up investigating how the gendering and/or the racialization of artworks affects their value-form.

. Aktsaal, Schillerplatz 3, 1010 Wien, Erdgeschoß
. 26.4.2022
. 19:30 Uhr
. Language: English
. please register: