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Opening Exhibit Studio

How thick is the layer of butter on your bread? Notes on class and capital

Organisational Units
Exhibit Studio
Location Address (1)
Schillerplatz 3, 1. floor
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1010 Vienna

Exhibit Studio opens its newest exhibition with performances by Anne Schmidt and Rebecca Rothenborg.

The exhibition shows works by Kristina Kusmina Dreit, Jackie Grassmann, Ferhat İlhan, Hanne Jannasch und Isabell Alexandra Meldner, Seung Yeon Jung, Irene Landa, Rogine Moradi, Rebecca Rothenborg, Anne Schmidt, Olga Shapovalova, Natalia Gurova and Vik Bayer. 

Exhibit Studio
6 to 10 pm
Free admission!

That same evening, a concert by Rent will take place at 8 pm in the Speculative Fiction exhibition in the Exhibit Gallery, and the exhibition The Purloined Masterpiece. Paintings as Time Machines at the Gemäldegalerie is open with free admission until 10pm.