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Book presentation
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Exhibit Eschenbachgasse
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Exhibit Eschenbachgasse
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Eschenbachgasse 11 | at the corner of Getreidemarkt
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1010 Vienna

Presentation of the volume INTRA! INTRA! Towards an INTRA SPACE of the publication series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna edited by Christina Jauernik and Wolfgang Tschapeller. With welcome words by Johan F. Hartle.

INTRA! INTRA! is a retrospective, autobiography and fragmentary archive of an artistic research project on encounters with engineered figures. Perspectives from architecture, philosophy, media theory, performance, literary studies and art history speculate on INTRA SPACE, or substances, constructions and manifestations of our bodies in the unknown architectural waters of a possible near future. INTRA SPACE is a spatial, biological, technical and conceptual infrastructure for encounters with Carla, Dame (maybe Vivienne), Bob, Old Man and friends.

With contributions by Fahim Amir, Clemens Apprich, Esther Balfe, Gabrielle Cram, Dennis Del Favero, Ursula Frohne, Christina Jauernik, Vicki Kirby, Ludwig Löckinger, Hannes Mayer, Diane Shooman, Susanne Thurow, Wolfgang Tschapeller, Birk Weiberg, John Zissovici.

Welcome words by rector Johan F. Hartle.
The editors in conversation with Marie-Claude Poulin and Paolo Petta (visitors to INTRA SPACE).

Marie-Claude Poulin

(transdisciplinary researcher, digital artist, choreographer-performer and movement specialist, Senior Artist Department of Digital Arts, and Researcher, Department of Media Theory, University of Applied Arts Vienna) explores the combination of body-based performance and new technologies. Her work interweaves the bodies of performers as an interface linking digital systems and audio-visual environments. It combines improvisation-notation techniques, motion analysis, digital visualization, programming rules, and modes of collaborative user interaction, with an overall leitmotiv of the investigation of body consciousness. In 2000, she co-founded, with media artist Martin Kusch, the artistic company kondition pluriel ( Research projects, among others, Digital Synesthesia (2013–2016); Machine Learning and A.I. for Creation (2018–2019) and Dancing with the Nonhuman (2019–2022).

Paolo Petta

(computer and cognitive scientist) is Head of the Intelligent Software Agents and New Media Research Group at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OFAI) in Vienna. Research areas encompass cognitive modelling of emotions, human aspects in interactions with artificial systems and coordination of situated cognitive systems. Publications include Creating Personalities for Synthetic Actors (Heidelberg/New York: Springer, 1997), Emotion-Oriented Systems: The Humaine Handbook (Heidelberg/Dordrecht/London/New York:Springer, 2011).