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Soundscapes Curators Tour

and talk with Janine Jembere

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Exhibit Gallery
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Schillerplatz 3, 1. floor
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1010 Vienna

Three teachers and educators, curators and artists: Janine Jembere, Zehra Baraçkılıç, and Ruby Sircar will talk about voices, sound, music, lyrics, creating audible texts and discussing the possibilities of teaching emotions as academic techniques and accepting didactics to be still colonized – how to change them? And is it possible to teach non-linear narratives? 

The trio will specifically contemplate and focus on the work of Janine Jembere as a visual objectification of sound. The beauty being that it questions the expectations we have of ethnic and diasporic voices – does every Black voice in Western society need to have the same historical footnotes? And why have non-Gastarbajteri laborers been invisible and their voices gone unheard? Let’s talk about power politics through diaspora and exclusion. But is this exclusion an outside-dictated perspective that is projected onto diaspora communities through mainstream assumption? We will discuss the freedom of voice and self-determination.