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Action Day - Program Secession (Garden)

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Getreidegarten 5
1010 Vienna

A project of Academy | Art | Public in the context of the Climate Action October

For the Action Day on October 19, 2022, as part of Climate Action Month in October, the Academy turns to the outside world to further deepen the internal learning and design process on sustainability issues and invite the public to participate. Reflections on sustainable action, civil disobedience and alternative forms of appropriation of public spaces are negotiated with various art actions such as the collective chalk drawing as well as lectures, discussions and workshops, mobile solar kitchen and many more.

With guests such as the Swedish climate activist Andreas Malm, the political scientist Alexander Behr, the community and regional developer Nina Svanda as well as members of the Artists and Museums for Future movement and the Climate University (CZ), we will examine and discuss global consequences of climate change, migration movements and mobilization strategies from various disciplines at three locations around the Academy at Schillerplatz. Curators Fanny Hauser and Mirela Baciak expound on the topic of sustainable exhibition making, the students union (ÖH) of the Academy and students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava invite to workshops in the garden of the Secession, while in front of the Academic building a collectively designed chalk painting by the studios of Drawing and Graphic Arts/Printing Techniques visually and participatively addresses the city.

Conceived by Academy | Art | Public Sphere and with the participation of various institutes with its as students, graduates, artists, architects and scientists of the Academy, an extensive program was put together:

10 h - 13 h
ÖH.Akbild Banner Making Workshop
What should the Academy students' statement on climate justice look like? What should the Academy actually do to become more climate neutral and sustainable? How should we get our institution to change its behavior? Let's come together and talk about this while we work on our statements. Together we will make banners in a sustainable way.

12 h - 18 h
Food Performance
Feeding the feeding system from Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava in collaboration with foodwalk of ÖH.Akbild will performatively prepare food for us together. Teilnehmer_innen: Viktorie Gajdošová (The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava) and Vivien Kvasnicová ( The Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava).

14 h - 15 h
ÖH.Akbild discussion: How not to burn out in student collectives?
Students from Univerzity za klima/ University for Climate (CZ) will present their activities and way of working, and together we will share experiences and discuss how not to burn out in student collectives. Participants: Anežka Lindaurová (Filosofická fakulta UK, prague), Klára Trávníčková (Filosofická fakulta UK, Prague), Magdalena Slováková (1. Lékařská fakulta UK, Prague), Karolína Chasáková (Academy of fine arts, Prague).