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With the support of the national foundationthe FWF is issuing a call for “Research Groups”. Research Groups are a network of Interdisciplinary or Multidisciplinary Teams of Three to Five Researchers Independent of Location.

Target groups

  • A team of three to five internationally outstanding researchers from all scientific/scholarly disciplines, in all scientific disciplines, in particular from the humanities, social sciences and cultural sciences, form a research group at Austrian research institutions. Participation in a research group is possible in addition to the currently applicable project number restriction of two FWF projects.
  • Researchers with a 25% connection to an Austrian research institution can participate in a research group.
  • One researcher acts as coordinator of the research group.
  • The formal application is submitted by the Austrian research institution; there is no limit to the number of applications that can be submitted by a research institution. A research institution can thus submit several applications.


  • Funding of cooperation projects between researchers at smaller locations or in certain scientific/scholarly disciplines that cooperate in smaller formats
  • Medium-term research cooperation (up to five years) on a complex, current topic in mixed teams of at least three to max. five researchers (at least one third of the under-represented gender, with the gender ratio in the team being defined as a decision-relevant criterion within the framework of the evaluation)
  • Innovative interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research cooperation that deepens or consolidates a topic
  • Integration of junior researchers in a leading role
  • Description of an internationalisation strategy to connect to the international scientific/scholarly community

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