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FWF and NKFIH | Joint Projects Hungary and Austria

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Since 2012, the FWF together with the Hungarian funding organisation NKFIH (National Research, Development and Innovation Office), has been funding closely integrated research projects ("Joint Projects") of researchers from Austria and Hungary.

The current call focuses on cross-border research projects that are designed in such a way that the parts of the partners in the two countries do not constitute an independent project and therefore cannot be carried out and funded separately. In the course of the joint bilateral research project, a clear added value should result from the cooperation project. Researchers should submit proposals for joint projects only if the two parts of the project are closely interlinked, so that one part cannot be carried out without the other. Both sides are expected to make a significant scientific/scholarly contribution. For looser forms of international cooperation, it is possible to include an international cooperation partner within the framework of an FWF stand-alone project.

Annual calls are planned from 2021 onwards, with parallel applications to be submitted to FWF and NKFIH in accordance with the respective national guidelines. The evaluation and funding of the project parts in Austria and Hungary will be carried out separately by FWF and NKFIH, respectively, according to national rules. The joint project can only be approved if both funding organisations propose the respective application for funding on the basis of the review process.

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