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FWF and RSF | Joint Projects Russia and Austria

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To facilitate the support of collaborative work between Austrian and Russian research groups, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) are organising the third joint call for Austrian-Russian cooperation projects ("joint projects").

Joint projects are closely integrated, bilateral research projects in which considerable added value is created through the collaboration. Since 2017, nine Austrian-Russian joint projects have been funded as part of the RSF-FWF cooperation.

To apply for a joint project, parallel applications to the RSF and FWF are required in accordance with the guidelines specified by the RSF and FWF. The evaluation and financing of the project parts in Austria and Russia will be done separately by the FWF and RSF according to national rules. A joint project is considered to be "approved" only if both organisations recommend funding the project on the basis of their review processes.