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SARN | to conference 2021

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The call for the Swiss Artistic Research Network's conference "Traversing Topologies: Imagining worlds and knowledge with/through artistic research" is now open.

Topology is to an equal extent an over- and under-determined topos. It exists nearly independently in various individual disciplines, refers foremost descriptively to the arrangement of things in space-time, takes the surface as its point of departure and seems to be an optimal location for carrying out seemingly objective measurements, rather than being perceived as a formable matrix. The conference highlights the potential to develop thinking and acting in complex topological-relational networks. It seeks proposals, statements, perspectives and speculations for the intersection of existing knowledge spaces. Superficial cartographies of order are to be unsettled and re-mapped, subjectivized toward the layers that underlie them.

A landscape extending from Lucerne to Valais and Ticino, encompassing suburban, slightly urban, rural and alpine sceneries. Contributions/interventions can be positioned within or engage with this landscape, either in real terms on site or by taking these settings as a metaphor; an imaginary space or starting points for a narration that leads somewhere else. Proposals may suggest interacting with real locations from afar, relating to them physically or virtually.

We invite you to create collaborative experiments and rituals in physical and virtual space, to respond to topological conditions together with real and virtual others, and to interact with the landscape that is offered.

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