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EU CERV Programme | European Remembrance

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Due Date
Th 6.6.2024
17 h

The projects under this priority should explore and promote to all generations the defining moments and reference points of European integration, its history, and how these changes have in practice affected the daily lives of Europeans.

Funding priorities:

1) Democratic transition, (re)construction and strengthening of society on the basis of the rule of law, democracy and fundamental rights

2) Strengthening remembrance of the Holocaust, genocide, war crimes and other crimes against humanity

3) Migration, decolonization and multicultural societies and

4) European integration and its achievements

Eligibility requirements: In principle, a submitting consortium should consist of at least two organizations; the coordinator must be either a public body or private non-profit organization or an international organization; the co-applicant may also be a for-profit organization under certain conditions. The consortium can be national or transnational, although the latter is highly recommended.

The share of EU co-financing: 90%

Further information can be found on the funding and tenders portal of the European Commission.