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FWF | Top Citizen Science 2024

Extra Label
Due Date
Mo 8.4.2024
14 h

This funding program is aimed at all researchers leading an FWF-funded project. The objective is to address citizens of different ages, genders, and social backgrounds as well as people with highly specialized knowledge and expertise (knowledge communities). Young target groups are expressly welcome.

Eligible for funding are research activities that enable the participation of citizens, who contribute their skills, expertise, and curiosity. As a result, research findings can be expanded and the scientific knowledge generated can be significantly increased.

The scientific quality of the of the Top Citizen Science proposal must be ensured by an existing FWF project that at the time of the funding decision (October of the year of submission) is still in progress (i.e., projects scheduled to end on or after November 30 of the year of submission).

Further information: