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Kunsthaus bella martha | Scholarship "9 TAGE. MENSCH."

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Due Date
Mo 10.6.2024

9 TAGE. MENSCH. is a residency programme at the Kunsthaus bella martha in Marthashofen, Grafrath (Bavaria).

Marthashofen is a retirement home, social therapy centre, kindergarten, café and art house with studios. As part of the scholarship, they enable 9 art students and graduates to enter into an artistic interaction with the place and, above all, with its people for 9 days as "artists in residence". The format initiates art as a field of action in the social sphere and draws on the diversity of its participants.

Studio, board, lodging, travel expenses and a subsidy for materials are provided. A catalogue will be published for the group exhibition at the end of the programme. This is the fourth time that the scholarship programme has been offered in a slightly different form.

Further information can be found here. (only in German)