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EU ERASMUS+ | Short-term stay abroad

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In order to better meet the different learning and training needs of doctoral students and to ensure equal opportunities, doctoral students will also have the opportunity to complete a short-term study visit abroad in Europe from the summer semester of 2022.

The programme offers:

  • networking and exchange with international colleagues
  • new input for the research project

Repeated stays abroad are possible.

Target group

All regular Ph.D. candidates of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna


Erasmus+ funds short-term mobility with a duration between 5 and 30 days (depending on budgetary coverage).


Contact the International Office ( and discuss the project. The International Office will then contact the partner university and have the Learning Agreement signed (ECTS points are not a prerequisite for the stay).
The Learning Agreement prepared by the International Office is signed by the person traveling.


The subsidy is 70 euros per day for the first 14 days of stay and 50 euros per day for the remaining days of stay (up to a maximum of 30 days) and a travel allowance. A one-time grant of 50 euros is provided for the use of environmentally friendly means of transportation. In addition, up to four extra travel days can be applied for.


Please note that only Erasmus+ countries are eligible for Ph.D. short-term mobilities.

The funded doctoral candidates receive:

  • destination-dependent, financial support for their stay abroad
  • Support in the preparation and implementation of the stay abroad (cultural, linguistic, organizational)
  • Special subsidies for recipients with disabilities

Applications are possible via the Academy's submission website only.