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Calls / Contests Art and Research

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  • Nordic Journal for Artistic Research | VIS Open Call

    The call for participation in VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research Issue 13 is open. The theme is Brieftopia.

    Call for Contributions 27.5.2024

  • European Commission | DIGITAL Europe Programme

    The DIGITAL Europe Programme (DIGITAL) supports the digital transformation of European society.

    Deadline 29.5.2024, 17 h

  • Culture Moves Europe| Individual Mobility Action 2

    Culture Moves Europe’s second call for individual mobility targets artists and cultural professionals working in the following sectors: music, literature, architecture, cultural heritage, design and fashion design, visual arts and performing arts.

    Deadline 31.5.2024

  • Rudolf Sallinger Fonds | Funding awards for scientific papers

    The Rudolf Sallinger Fonds honours academic research on family businesses in Austria with a focus on social and economic issues.

    Deadline 31.5.2024

  • BMBWF | Sustainability Award 2024

    The Sustainability Award of the BMBWF and BMK emphasises creative, innovative and effective initiatives at colleges and universities, promotes the exchange of best practices and motivates the further development of sustainable concepts.

    Deadline 2.6.2024

  • EU CERV Programme | European Remembrance

    The projects under this priority should explore and promote to all generations the defining moments and reference points of European integration, its history, and how these changes have in practice affected the daily lives of Europeans.

    Deadline 6.6.2024, 17 h

  • Kunsthaus bella martha | Scholarship "9 TAGE. MENSCH."

    9 TAGE. MENSCH. is a residency programme at the Kunsthaus bella martha in Marthashofen, Grafrath (Bavaria).

    Deadline 10.6.2024

  • RUUKU | Call for Contributions: Re-Imagining

    RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research invites new contributions for the Special Issue: Re-Imagining

    Call for Contributions 10.6.2024

  • Margaretha Lupac–Stiftung | Demokratiepreis 2024

    Die gemeinnützige Stiftung des Parlaments lädt Personen und Institutionen zur Bewerbung für den Demokratiepreis 2024 ein. Der Demokratiepreis werden hervorragende Verdienste um Parlamentarismus und Demokratie ausgezeichnet.

    Deadline 15.6.2024

  • Federal Monuments Office| Monument Protection Medal 2024

    This year, the 2024 Monument Protection Medal will once again be awarded to people who have rendered outstanding services to monument protection and preservation.

    Deadline 15.6.2024

  • Happylab | Distributed Design Residency 2024/2025

    In collaboration with the Distributed Design Platform, Happylab is supporting creative talents working at the interface between design and the maker movement.

    Deadline 16.6.2024


    The Mannagetta fellowships are intended for the completion of a doctoral thesis in the fields of humanities, cultural studies and social sciences at a university in Austria.

    Deadline 20.6.2024

  • OeAW | Max Kade Fellowship

    This programme of the Max Kade Foundation in New York supports scholars from all research disciplines who wish to visit the USA for research purposes.

    Deadline 25.6.2024

  • AK Wissenschaftspreis 2024 | Demokratie in der Arbeitswelt - Ein Weg zur fairen Arbeit?

    Die Arbeiterkammer Oberösterreich schreibt zum 41. Mal den AK-Wissenschaftspreis aus. Dieser wird für wissenschaftliche Arbeiten vergeben, die 2023 oder 2024 fertig gestellt werden und der Verbesserung der Arbeits- und Lebensbedingungen der Arbeitnehmer_innen dienen. 

    Deadline 30.6.2024

  • City of Vienna | SHIFT Open Call

    SHIFT is a promotional programme of the City of Vienna for alternative artistic practices of cultural work in urban peripheral areas.

    Deadline 30.6.2024

  • IFK | Research Fellowship

    ifk Research Fellowships are intended for postdoctoral researchers. Qualified applications can be submitted regardless of the nationality and institutional or professional affiliation of the applicant. Austrian applicants with comparable qualifications are given preference.

    Deadline 7.7.2024

  • IFK | Senior Fellowship

    ifk Senior Fellowships are intended for outstanding researchers who are advanced in their academic careers, and want to pursue their own research at the IFK while fostering intellectual cooperation with the ifk Fellows and other Austrian colleagues.

    Deadline 7.7.2024

  • BMK | Climate-neutral city mission - technologies and innovations for the climate-neutral city 2024

    The Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and the Climate and Energy Fund have set themselves the goal of jointly enabling and accelerating the implementation of energy and climate targets in Austrian cities, neighbourhoods and buildings through the "Climate Neutral City" mission.

    Deadline 11.7.2024

  • Orpheus Instituut | ECHO #6 – Interface After AI

    This special issue aims to address the limitations imposed by existing approaches to interface design on the current epoch of deep learning technology and to explore how insights from musical and artistic instrumentality may help unblock further development.

    Call for Contributions 15.7.2024

  • BMKOES | Start-up scholarship - fine arts, design, photography and media art

    The start-up scholarships recognise and support the work of young artists. They are intended to promote artistic development and facilitate entry into the Austrian and international art scene.

    Deadline 15.7.2024