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Recognition of achievements

A recognition replaces the course corresponding to a curriculum at the Academy as if it had been taken at the Academy.

What can be submitted for recognition

If there are no significant differences in terms of acquired competencies (learning outcomes):

  • Positively graded examinations and other academic achievements from recognized post-secondary educational institutions, from vocational secondary schools in the required vocational subjects, or general secondary schools with special emphasis on artistic subjects.
  • Recognition of scholarly, artistic, and professional activities such as research or art-related internships and artistic activities outside the academy.
  • For the teacher training program: relevant professional activities with pedagogical components.
  • Achievements from study programs of the tertiary education sector, which were completed as a regular student or within the framework of mobility programs of the Academy (Erasmus, ASA, etc.).
  • Only individual achievements can be recognized, not study programs as a whole.

Basic indicators for the recognition of achievements

  • Up to a maximum of 60 ECTS credits are possible from completed examinations and a maximum of 60 ECTS credits are creditable from professional or non-professional qualifications. In total, recognition is permitted up to a maximum of 90 ECTS credits.
  • The number of hours must be at least 75% of the number of hours of the course that is to be replaced. Several courses of comparable content can be used together to achieve the hourly extent of the course at the Academy and also vice versa, one course with a correspondingly high hourly extent for several with comparable content at the Academy.
  • If achievements from institutions of tertiary education outside the Academy are to be recognized at the end of the study program as "free electives" for the study program at the Academy, they must also be applied for. However, in this case, there is no need for a comparison with a course to be judged as equivalent, and courses from co-enrollments can also be used.

What are the formal requirements for the documents to be submitted?

What information must be present in the verification, certificate, composite certificate or transcript of records, for the courses?

  • Title of the course
  • Number of hours of the course to be credited (e.g. total hours, number of hours per week or ECTS points).
  • Confirmation that the course has been positively completed (e.g. "has participated" or grading).
  • From the description it must be possible to work out comparability to the course in the respective curriculum. It must be possible to determine using a comparison whether there are significant differences or not.

Useful information

Completion Aid for Internal Recognitions (Fine Arts) – A...cademy of Fine Arts Vienna

Completion Aid for External Recognitions (Fine Arts) – A...cademy of Fine Arts Vienna

Curriculum: Fine Arts, Architecture, Education in the Arts, Scenography, Conservation and Restoration, Master in Critical Studies

Process/Procedure at a glance

  • General assistance with completing and entering the recognition form in AkademieOnline: Student Welcome Center
  • Consultations on recognitions, specific questions, and submission of applications: Please contact the Institute Secretariats and/or Curriculum Committee Chairs, please see the web page Study Programs.
  • Formal review of documents and application: Registrar's Office
  • Formal recognition as a legal decision is made by the Registrar's Office and the Vice-Rector for Arts | Teaching. After approval or processing of the recognition, a request is sent by e-mail to take over the recognition notice personally in the Registrar's Office. The recognition will only be validated in AkademieOnline after you have picked up and accepted the legal decision in the Registrar’s Office.