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Advancement Scholarship

serves to support scientific or artistic work of students with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.

Please note that the project to be funded must be directly related to the respective study program. This means that e.g. artistic projects of PhD students cannot be funded. Exception: Students of the PhD in Practice can apply for funding of artistic projects, as these are also provided for by the curriculum.

In the following, you will find the main distinguishing features between the advancement scholarship and the project funding:

  • Austrian or EEA citizenship (incl. Switzerland) or equivalent citizens from third countries (with card "Permanent Residence EU").
  • Compliance with the duration of studies (1 tolerance semester possible per study section of diploma programs/bachelor's/master's/doctorate´s)
  • Project costs of at least € 750 (and a maximum of € 3600)
  • Expert opinion of the supervisor of the scientific or artistic work only - for project funding it is sufficient to provide 2 references

Attention! Amendment to the Student Grants Act:
Up to now, expert opinions on the scholarship could also be obtained from university assistants and lecturers. Since 01 September 2022, they may only be issued by the supervisor of the scientific or artistic work.

It is possible to submit for both scholarships, however, you can only be awarded one of the two grants.

Deadline for submission: 29. April – 14. May 2024
Deadline: Tue, 14.5.2024, 11 a.m.

Submissions are now only possible via the Academy's new submission system!

Required for submission:

1. project proposal (file size: 3MB)

  • Project description
  • Cost breakdown and financing plan
  • Time schedule
  • Expert opinion exclusively from the supervisor of the scientific or artistic work
  • Proof of Austrian or EEA citizenship or "Permanent Residence EU".

2. portfolio (file size: 10MB)

  • Selection of max. 5 important works

3. current confirmation of registration ("Meldezettel")

Please note that all 3 files must be uploaded separately as PDF files, with the following naming:

  •     Project_Application_Name_FST
  •     Portfolio_Name_FST
  •     Meldezettel_name_FST

The application must also be submitted in printed form (without portfolio) within the application deadline to the Registrar´s office or sent by mail to Marianne Maljkovic, Registrar´s office, Schillerplatz 3 / E5,1010 Vienna,.

The following costs are not eligible for funding in general:

  • Applicants' remuneration
  • Living expenses (such as rent)
  • Catering
  • New acquisition of technical equipment*, which can also be rented or borrowed (such as screens, cameras, beamers etc.)

* Any equipment that cannot be rented or borrowed can be funded. If the value of the equipment exceeds EUR 700,- (excl. VAT), it will become the property of the respective institutes after completion of the project.

If the grant is approved, a work report as well as a statement of account including the original receipts (numbered and attached on A4) must be handed in to Marianne Maljkovic at the Registrar´s office after completion of the project.

Templates see german page

Contact and information

Registrar’s Office, ground floor, 5, 5a
Mag. Marianne Maljkovic
T +43(1)58816-1903