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Siggi Hofer | Artist

Siggi Hofer is mentor of Rebecca Korb

Siggi Hofer works with drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, text, and curating as an artistic practice. He engages in the analysis of societal processes and perceived reality in his environment, aiming to develop and continuously question new approaches to thinking. Hofer's often colorful graphic language, his painted pictograms based on a grid system, as well as his painted text messages and simultaneously emerging literary texts, suggest immediate readability, especially against the backdrop of an increasingly image-heavy culture that relies more and more on the universal readability of signs, pushing poetry into a niche. Hofer has received numerous awards, including the prestigious Otto Maurer Prize and the Schindler Fellowship in Los Angeles. In 2022, he presented a large immersive installation in the main space of the Vienna Secession titled Still Life.