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Contemporary Art at the Crossroads of the Social and the Political

Organisational Units
Fine Arts
Location Venue (1)
Studio Building
Location Address (1)
Lehárgasse 8
Location ZIP and/or City (1)
1060 Vienna
Location Room (1)
1. floor, studio south

Presentation of works BIP VISITS PCAP: THE 2023 TOUR, talks with Art Cuisine brunch
12.00–15.00 Tour through the Rundgang of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Postconceptual postcard gallery 2023 – BIP program: Vienna/Barcelona/Mainz: Zora Fuhrmann, Oke Fijal, Sen Reyes, Julien Hübsch, Helena Walter, Viola Hoffmann, Abril Carretero Balcells, Vitória Monteiro, Asma Aiad, Aaron Kimmig, Finn Mühl, Alicia Campo Bescós, PCAP Social kitchen with Britto Arts Trust at documenta fifteen Kassel

Installations: GORGON*URBAN (Když se nám něco nepovede tak nevadí/If something goes wrong, it doesn't matter), Ali Kianmehr, Grace Latigo, Finn Mühl, Jas Sproule, Nathalie Ann Köbli, Felix Huber and Arno Gitschthaler (Acoustic Spacetime Memory), Conviviality as Potentiality

Silkscreen print: Vitória Monteiro and Pramila Lama

Performative tablecloth: Melina Vesely, Pramila Lama, Swan Lee, Johanna Ehmke, Julien Hübsch

Sculptural interventions: Grcic class

Expanded painting interventions: Bool class

Mainz Radio MIX