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Mini exhibition: AGIDS X IKL X PROSA – EmbroideryART!

Event Label
Organisational Units
Education in the Arts
Location Description
Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3
1070 Vienna

This exhibition shows glimpses of the cooperation between Academy goes to school (AgidS) und PROSA – Projekt Schule für Alle!, this time on the subject of embroidery.

In the current edition of the long-standing cooperation between Academy goes to school (AgidS) und PROSA – Projekt Schule für Alle! the topic was embroidery. Supported by Elisabeth Niedermayr (Institute for Art Education) and her students, the PROSA students became acquainted with the technique, played with color combinations and also incorporated personal stories into the works. 

Academy goes to school (AgidS) provides information about studying at the Academy as low-threshold as possible in the attempt to reach those, who are currently underrepresented as students. The central concern of AgidS relates to activities showing ways to access the art school and the creation of structures that enable broader access for a broader spectrum of applicants. The long-term goal is to reduce educational inequality through future-oriented initiatives with a particular consideration of the importance of intercultural education.

The association Vielmehr für Alle! – Verein für Bildung, Wohnen und Teilhabe has been supporting the education of young people with refugee experience for more than 10 years. Above all, young people who are in ongoing asylum procedures cannot easily access or are denied official access to education and formal qualifications. The sub-association PROSA – Projekt Schule für Alle! supports young people in obtaining basic education and completing compulsory schooling.

AgidS and PROSA have been cooperation partners for almost 10 years in which many successful projects were realised.