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The meta-artists'talk

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Projektraum 2
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Kurzbauergasse 9
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1020 Wien

Guest lecture and Discussion by Khadija Carroll La organized by the Institute for Fine Arts, Performative Art and Sculpture, Univ. Prof. Monica Bonvicini.

To talk about artists talks is to think about positions and perspectives of the artist and how they can be articulated. As a genre of lecturing about art ‘the artists talk’ generally suffers from the incommensurability of the mode, semantics, and affects of art in relation to its self-referential abstraction in the talk. Khadija Carroll La will think with the students and participants through the different voices that can be given to artistic positions. Using examples from her own social and performative practice: ‘Performing Viewers’, ‘The Lost Highway Expedition’, ‘Living Monuments + Track Changes’, and her current ‘Vienna Zocalo’ for a Mexico biennale.

Khadija Carroll La, video still aus "Embassy Embassy", Homebase V Berlin 2010, courtesy of the artist