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Milena Nights – A Literary Reading Evening

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Organisational Units
University Library
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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University Library (Reading room, M7)

Christoph Salcher, Katharina Tiwald, and Peter Waldeck present the Viennese Milena Verlag and read from new and old works as part of the Academy Library’s event series Wer A… sagt.

Milena Verlag is an Austrian publisher of fiction and non-fiction books. It was founded in Vienna in 1980. From 1980 to 2007 it was dedicated to the promotion of women authors and feminist literature and science. In 2007 the publishing house was reorganized and the program was changed.

Milena aims to cover different reading needs with its beautiful variety. Milena's passion in contemporary literature is books that tell good stories. Milena prefers books that give the reader a new insight. Milena reissues wonderful literary classics. Books that should not fall into oblivion. Milena cares about contemporary history. Milena likes books that do not gloss over where there is nothing to gloss over. Milena has seven rows.

As Ludwig Wittgenstein said so eloquently, "One could put the whole point of the book roughly into the words: What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what cannot be spoken of must be kept silent."

Christoph Salcher, born 1983 in Bruck an der Mur, Styria. He studied German, philosophy and psychology at the University of Innsbruck and Ethics at the PH Salzburg. Lives and works as an AHS teacher at a secondary school in Graz. Ich und Kehlmann is his debut novel.

Katharina Tiwald, born in 1979, grew up in southern Burgenland. Studied linguistics and Russian in Vienna, St. Petersburg, and Glasgow. First book 2005, first play 2006: Schnitte-Portraits-Fremde (Cuts-Portraits-Foreign), short stories, in the edition lex liszt 12, Dorf.Interrupted (Village.Interrupted) directed by Peter Wagner at OHO (Offenes Haus Oberwart). Since then several books and plays, texts for newspapers and magazines (e.g. Die Presse, Die Furche, Der Standard). Teaching and workshops at NMSen (New secondary schools: B.Ed., PH Vienna) and, among others, Dschungel Wien. In 2019 she wrote the play Caruso. I did it my Wegas, in 2021 her latest novel Mit Elfriede durch die Hölle (With Elfriede through hell) was published by Milena. In it, she herself tours through hell with Elfriede Jelinek, which is located at Schwechat Airport.

Peter Waldeck has been working in the field of literature, wrestling and comics with his theater group Casa Del Kung Fu since 1995. Between 1996 and 2006 he organized the film club series Otakoo Saloon and dedicated himself to writing comics. The melancholy comic series El Pablo versus El Diablo (with Jan Limpens) appeared regularly in the quality newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, the daily with the largest circulation in Latin America. The FALTER chose his play Fantomas – Das Action Musical (Fantomas – The Action Musical) among the 10 best theater productions of 2008. In winter 2012 his play Columbo Dreams with Manuel Rubey, Eva Maria Marold, Christian Dolezal, and Gerald Votava had its premiere at the Rabenhof Theater and celebrated great success with critics and audiences. In 2017, his debut novel Die 67 enttäuschendsten Sexfilme aller Zeiten (The 67 most disappointing sex films of all time) was published by Milena Verlag, followed in 2019 by Triumph des Scheiterns (Triumph of Failure). In 2022, the new novel Spaß und Schulden am Neustifter Kirtag (Fun and Debts at the Neustift Kirtag) was published.