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Best Available Copy 3 – the preservation of time-based media art ...again and again and again

Event Label
Lecture series
Organisational Units
Conservation – Restoration
Location Description
Online via Zoom

Lecture series study year 22/23

After the first part of the lecture series illuminated the narrative of media (reflecting its technology), the second part (keep it working) focused on the various, dynamic systems and practices of copying, repeating, reconstructing, reproducing, replicating, which on the one hand include the functionality of the respective works and on the other hand, the processes of repetition, the function as such, which is automatically questioned in each iteration.

In the current lecture series Best Available Copy 3 (again and again and again) we would like to reflect on the recursive practice of these actions. We would like to explore what processes the recursive loops of preserving and documenting involve. What exactly happens here? How can this recursive action be described?
We would like to invite you to present your view/perspective on this recursive practice in the context of our lecture series.

organized by Carolin Bohlmann and Almut Schilling.