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Sasha Svirsky and Nadya Svirskaia

From April to June 2022 Sasha Svirsky and Nadya Svirskaia are Artists in Residence at the Academy and will be affiliated with the Animation Studio.

The duo of Russian artist Sasha Svirsky (*1980) and curator Nadya Svirskaia (*1978) left the country when the war by Russia against Ukraine started.

Graduated with a painter's diploma Sasha Svirsky switched to animation using it as an artistic tool. Self-taught animator, in 2008 began to work as an independent animation film director. He is an author of more than 30 animated films, an artist, and a director. His films he has made in collaboration with his partner Nadya Svirskaia. Some of those films have been selected for the Berlinale Short competition, the Vienna Independent Shorts, and other international festivals, getting numerous awards. Some graphic works and animation installations were shown at exhibitions in Russia and abroad. 

A central feature of Svirsky's artistic method is spontaneity. The extensive usage of such techniques as digital drawings, hand drawings on paper, photos, collages, and 3D, and mixing them is a crucial feature of his artistic method. Being not bound by pre-existing rules, a spontaneous game of making a film becomes a way to reflect on the nature of freedom and how it can be manifested and exercised.

Nadya Svirskaia is an independent curator and producer who works with art animation. She has produced and run numerous exhibitions in Russian, exploring animation as means of expressing artistic ideas. 

During the art residency, they plan to give lectures devoted to using animation soft for producing visual art, arranging a screening of their films, developing ideas for the next film, and producing new pieces of art.

Artist Talk & Screening Sasha Svirsky und Nadya Svirskaia, Tue, ,

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