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Academy Studio Program

Event Label
Guided tour
Organisational Units
Location Description
Creative Cluster, Viktor Christ Gasse 10, A-1050 Wien (Treffpunkt: Eingang)

Guided tour through the studios with Nina Schedlmayer, journalist and art critic.

Sholarhip holders:
Pia-Veronica Åström, Flora Valentina Besenbäck, Axel Jonsson, Lukas Kötz, Anna Spanlang, Laura Sperl, Ella Steinbach, Valentina Triet, Isabela Voicu, Xandi Vogler and Julia Znoj

As part of the guided tour, the scholarship holders open their studios and engage in conversations with Nina Schedlmayer about the artistic works that have been created during the program year. Afterwards, we conclude the program year in the courtyard.

The Academy Studio Program provides a support structure for graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, offering a studio space for a duration of one year. In addition to an academy-led accompanying program, the Creative Cluster, where numerous artists, cultural professionals, and creatives have their studios and workshops, provides opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange.