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Katja Gürtler – Playboys

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University Library
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Schillerplatz 3
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1010 Vienna
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University Library (Reading room, M7)

An exhibition about dreams, hopes, and utopias by Katja Gürtler as part of the Academy Library’s Wer A… sagt event series.

In her Playboys exhibition, Katja Gürtler sets out to explore spaces and promises of the future. Whether it is hopes you have for your own life, or the promise made to you as a child by society, that you can be and achieve anything. She pursues the question of what happens to our big dreams over time. Do we, at some point, stop believing in them, or do they simply fade away to become vague memories?

The starting point of the painterly contemplation are conspicuous pieces of clothing that one keeps coming across in every-day life: sweaters and T shirts with large prints reading “Famous,” “Rich,” or “Future Millionaire.” While the clothing with the boastful epithets supposedly expresses the wearer’s dreams, reality with its unfulfilled hopes and wishes all-too-often falls short of them. They turn into a distant utopia whose materialization perhaps never really was possible.

Katja Gürtler (b. 1988 in Xanten, Germany) studied Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Art Vienna at the Expanded Pictorial Space Studio with Daniel Richter and Francis Ruyter. In her work, she sets her sights on the tension fields of social constructs, the fault lines of modern society. In 2024, she will go on a working stay at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris on a scholarship from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Culture, Art, Civil Service and Sports.

Duration of the exhibition: 30.03.–20.04.2023
Opening hours: Mon, Tue, Wed 10–18 h, Fri 10–16 h
Closed: 03.04.–10.04.2023
Admission free

Please observe the protective measures in place at the Academy: Covid-19 Guidelines.

List of entries

  • Opening: Katja Gürtler – Playboys

    Opening of an exhibition about dreams, hopes, and utopias with Katja Gürtler as part of the Academy Library’s Wer A… sagt event series.

    Exhibition opening

    Schillerplatz/ University Library (Reading room, M7)

    University Library

    The landscape-format color-pencil drawing shows a man lying on a comfortable sofa. He is holding a computer gaming console in his right hand, while propping himself up with his left. His gaze is focused on a point slightly right of the viewer. He wears a T shirt that has “rich” written on it. A potted plant is discernible in the background.