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  • OeAD | Scientific and Technological Cooperation Bulgaria

    The aim of the S&T Cooperation programmes is to stimulate international research cooperation, to establish new, sustainable international partnerships and to increase the proportion of young and female researchers in international research project consortia.

    Deadline 31.1.2023, 12 h

  • New European Bauhaus | Prizes 2023

    The New European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative that connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces and experiences.

    Deadline 31.1.2023, 19 h

  • IFK | Junior Fellowship

    The IFK_Junior Fellowships are intended for young Austrian academics doing their dissertations, as well as for non-Austrian doctoral students who are being supervised at an Austrian university.

    Deadline 31.1.2023

  • City of Schwaz | Artists in Residence 2023

    The city of Schwaz in Tyrol, Austria will be granting a residency to professional visual artists, media artists and curators in 2023. The residency hopes to fester an intercultural dialogue in which the artistic process, research and production can be explored in juxtaposition with local theme

    Open Call 31.1.2023

  • EUI | Queer Dis-eases: Disruptive Histories, Bodies and Politics

    The call aims to gather contributions to the conference "Queer Dis-eases: Disruptive Histories, Bodies and Politics", which aims to create a plural space for academics, activists, and artists to come together and reflect on how queerness generates discomfort and how this could be harnessed as a productive political tool for collective action.

    Call for Papers 31.1.2023

  • University of the Arts Helsinki | CARPA8

    CARPA8 combines colloquium and laboratory, by bringing together two processual activities and keeping them in motion: dramaturgy and artistic research.  It will be located both within the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts in Helsinki and outside of its doors.

    Call for Presentations 31.1.2023

  • FWF | Emerging Fields

    For the first time, teams from all areas of basic research are invited to tackle entirely new research ideas and break free of established approaches. The programme focuses particularly on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects, as well as arts-based research. Up to 6 million euros in FWF funding is available to the individual teams.

    Deadline 1.2.2023, 14 h

  • OeAD | Marietta Blau Grant

    The Marietta Blau Grant offers financial support for six- to twelve-month study periods abroad for doctoral or PhD students of Austrian universities. It serves to optimise their dissertations. Junior researchers are the main target group.

    Deadline 1.2.2023

  • OeAD | Doctoral Research Fellowships of Austrian Centers

    Doctoral Research Fellowships are aimed at highly qualified doctoral candidates who wish to complete a research stay at an institute of the Austria Centers. The fellowship serves to optimize the doctoral thesis.

    Deadline 1.2.2023

  • OeAD | Ernst Mach Follow-Up Grant

    The Ernst Mach Follow-Up Grant is aimed at postdocs from non-European developing countries who are former OeAD scholarship holders. The grant is intended to support the applicant's scientific carrier and to further and deepen the cooperation with Austrian higher education institutions and universities.

    Deadline 1.2.2023

  • OeAD | Ernst Mach Grant worldwide

    The Ernst Mach Grant – worldwide invites applications from PhD students, Postgraduates, Postdocs and young lecturers from universities outside of Austria. Students and academic teaching staff from all fields of study can apply for a grant period of 1 to 9 months, extensions are not possible.

    Deadline 1.2.2023

  • Horizon Europe | Consolidator Grant Call 2023

    The call is open to scientists who want to consolidate their independence by establishing a research team and continuing to develop a success career in Europe. You can also apply if you have recently created an independent, excellent research team and want to strengthen it.

    Deadline 2.2.2023

  • Horizon Europe | MSCA COFUND 2023

    MSCA COFUND supports new or existing doctoral programmes and postdoctoral fellowship schemes.

    Deadline 9.2.2023, 17 h

  • GAIN Group Exhibition | Close[t] Demonstrations. An exhibition on the multitudes of queer in_visibility

    An interdisciplinary exhibition presenting artists who imagine a new visual politics of queer representation and explore the connection between desires, ways of living and societal change in visible and/or invisible ways. The call is open to artists of all disciplines and media.

    Open Call 10.2.2023

  • FFG | Mobilität: Städte und Digitalisierung

    Die 2. Ausschreibung zum Thema Mobilität widmet sich den beiden Missionsfeldern "Städte: urbane Mobilität klimaneutral gestalten" und "Digitalisierung: Infrastruktur, Mobilitäts- und Logistikdienste effizient und klimaverträglich betreiben" und soll damit zur Verwirklichung ihrer Zielbilder beitragen.

    Deadline 15.2.2023

  • Orpheus Instituut | Vintage Materialities in Music

    This three-day international conference aims to generate a critical discourse around a transferable topic (fashion, furniture, cars, …) through relevant case studies. Artists-scholars engaging with one or more of the questions outlined above are invited to propose 30-minute lecture-recitals or 20-minute conference papers. The conference language is English.

    Deadline 15.2.2023

  • alpha+ Foundation | Rückenwind Funding Bonus for Erwin Schrödinger Fellows

    The Rückenwind funding bonus for Erwin Schrödinger fellows is funded on a private, non-profit basis and offers up to €5,000 per researcher. With this funding program, the alpha+ Foundation and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) support the academic careers of aspiring top researchers by facilitating international networking and knowledge transfer.

    Deadline 17.2.2023, 13 h

  • OeAD | Bildungsinnovation braucht Bildungsforschung

    Konsortien aus Pädagogischen Hochschulen und Universitäten sind aufgerufen, sich mit kooperativen Doktoratsausbildungen um Finanzierung von bis zu 1,15 Mio. Euro zu bewerben. Einreichungen zu den Themen Früher Bildungsabbruch, Resilienz von Schüler/innen, Fachfremder Unterricht, Digitalisierung – Distance Learning, Kompetenzorientiertes Unterrichten, Sprachunterricht und Lesekompetenz, Schulentwicklungsberatung und zu freien Themen sind möglich.

    Deadline 17.2.2023

  • association forum n | Arts of Change - Change of Arts

    Which role do the arts, students and universities play in shaping a sustainable future? The coaching program Arts of Change - Change of Arts offers you the opportunity to expand your methodological and content knowledge in the fields of the arts, sustainability and socio-ecological transformation between March and November 2023, to connect with students from all six Austrian art universities and to realize a trans- or interdisciplinary project. In the course of the program, you will become part of a cross-university network of students who together participate in actively shaping the socio-ecological transformation and advocate for sustainable development.

    Deadline 19.2.2023

  • Poolbar | Generator 2023

    Kunst-, Design-, Architektur-, Sprach- und IT-Talente können sich ab sofort bewerben, um das Erscheinungsbild des kommenden Festivals Poolbar mitzuentwickeln. Es wird wieder 8 Labore geben.

    Deadline 26.2.2023