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  • OeAD | Sparkling Science 2.0

    Funding will be provided for research projects that actively involve school students and, if applicable, other Citizen Scientists in the research process.

    Deadline 25.9.2023, 12 h

  • EU | Digital Europe Programme 2023

    The Digital Europe Programme is a new EU funding programme focused on bringing digital technology to businesses, citizens and public administrations.

    Deadline 26.9.2023, 17 h

  • HUB - Journal of Research in Art, Design and Society | Varia

    HUB receives open-themed articles aligned with its research areas on a continuous base. Submissions received by September 30 will be reviewed for the Spring Issue to be published in May next year.

    Call for Contributions 30.9.2023

  • FWF | Special Research Programmes (SFBs)

    The well-established SFB programme supports female and male researchers in Austria in the development of extremely productive, closely interconnected research establishments for long-term and multi-/interdisciplinary work on complex research topics.

    Deadline 2.10.2023, 14 h

  • FWF | Research Groups (FG) Call 2023

    Three to five outstanding female and male researchers can work together in a research group. The aim is to carry out research on complex, medium-term (up to five years) research questions that require cooperation between different areas of expertise and innovative research approaches.

    Deadline 2.10.2023, 14 h

  • EUA | 2024 European Learning and Teaching Forum

    EUA and its Learning & Teaching Steering Committee are inviting proposals for papers, workshops and practice presentations for the 2024 European Learning & Teaching Forum. The event, entitled “Learning for, in and with society”, will be hosted by Ruhr University Bochum in Germany on 8-9 February 2024.

    Call for Contributions 2.10.2023

  • WWTF | ICT 2023: Digital Humanism

    This call is directed at researchers in Vienna who seek to conduct a cutting-edge interdisciplinary research project (2 - 4 years) between ICT and social sciences / humanities (SSH) that address digital technologies & practices from a human-centered and societal perspective in the field of Digital Humanism.

    Deadline 4.10.2023, 14 h

  • OeAW | DOC

    The DOC Fellowship Programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences offers funding for highly qualified doctoral candidates in all areas of research. The fellowships allow young researchers to dedicate themselves to working in focused fashion to complete their doctoral thesis within a clear timeframe.

    Deadline 5.10.2023

  • FWF alpha+ Foundation | Zero Emissions Award

    Researchers from universities and non-university research institutions have the opportunity to submit climate-relevant projects to Austria's largest privately funded research award starting in June.

    Deadline 16.10.2023

  • Horizon Europe | ERC Starting Grant Call 2024

    The ERC Starting Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are starting their own independent research team or programme. Principal Investigators must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition, and feasibility of their research proposal.

    Deadline 24.10.2023, 17 h

  • Elfriede Mejchar Award for Photography | Call for entries

    The Elfriede Mejchar Award for Photography will be awarded for the first time on the occasion of Elfriede Mejchar's 100th birthday in 2024 as part of the commemorative exhibition that the Province of Lower Austria will hold at the State Gallery of Lower Austria in Krems. After that, the prize will be awarded biennially until further notice.

    Deadline 25.10.2023

  • ÖAW and FWF | Early Career Seed Money

    The Early Career Seed Money funding program, endowed with two million euros, supports young scientists in developing and researching completely new ideas. This is intended to enable the implementation of projects that do not fit into the previous funding programs. Outstanding researchers up to a maximum of three years after their doctorate can apply with their idea.

    Deadline 31.10.2023

  • OeAW | DOC-team

    With the DOC-team funding programme, the Austrian Academy of Sciences puts together teams of 3 to 4 doctoral candidates from the humanities and the social and cultural sciences to develop interdisciplinary solutions to problems. Involvement of doctoral candidates from the fields of the natural sciences, medicine or technology is desirable.

    Deadline 31.10.2023

  • Open Call of the Academy | Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2023/24

    The dissertation scholarship for the final phase aims to support doctoral students in the last phase of their dissertation until completion.

    Deadline 7.11.2023, 11 h

  • Horizon Europe | ERC Synergy Grant Call 2024

    The aim is to provide support for a small group of two to four Principal Investigators to jointly address ambitious research problems that could not be addressed by the individual Principal Investigators and their teams working alone.

    Deadline 8.11.2023, 17 h

  • OeAW | Postdoc-Track

    The OeAW awards up to eight fellowships per year to holders of a doctorate or PhD in the humanities and social and cultural sciences in order to assist in the transition to the post-doc phase.

    Deadline 15.11.2023

  • OeAD | Africa-UniNet Call 2023

    The 4th Africa-UniNet call for funding is now open. Only active Africa-UniNet member institutions are eligible to apply.

    Deadline 30.11.2023

  • OeAD | Cooperation Development Research

    The programme "Cooperation Development Research" (KoEF), financed by the BMBWF, is a funding programme to foster research on the two main principles of excellency and cooperation in development research.

    Deadline 30.11.2023

  • Open Call of the Academy | Learning-on-the-Job grant

    The Learning-on-the-Job scholarship offers dissertation supervisors the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for doctoral/Ph.D. candidates.

    Deadline 12.12.2023, 11 h

  • Open Call of the Academy | Short term grants abroad

    The scholarship for a short-term stay abroad for doctoral/Ph.D. candidates supports stays abroad for e.g. research, field research, archival research, interviews, which are necessary for the dissertation or the Ph.D. project. Stays abroad are funded for a minimum of two to a maximum of eight weeks.

    Deadline 12.12.2023, 11 h