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  • OEAW | Chemical Monthly Fellowship (MoChem)

    The Chemical Monthly Fellowship (MoChem) supports completion of a doctoral thesis in the field of chemistry; it is especially aimed at doctoral candidates who require funding for conducting research abroad.

    Deadline 2.5.2023

  • OeAD | Project funding Taiwan-Austria

    The Project Funding Programme Taiwan-Austria in the field of higher education is financed by the BMBWF (Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research) in Vienna and the MOE (Ministry of Education) in Taipei in equal parts. It supports the implementation and development of international cooperation activities between researchers and scientists in Taiwan and Austria.

    Deadline 15.5.2023, 12 h

  • ÖAW | Postdoc-Track Spring 2023

    The OeAW awards up to eight fellowships per year to holders of a doctorate or PhD in the humanities and social and cultural sciences in order to assist in the transition to the post-doc phase.

    Deadline 15.5.2023

  • Horizon Europe | ERC Advanced Grant Call 2023

    ERC Advanced Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they are already established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements. Principal Investigators must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal.

    Deadline 23.5.2023, 17 h

  • FWF | Top Citizen Science

    From February 22, 2023 until May 31, 2023 the eighth call for the funding initiative “TOP Citizen Science” is issued.

    Deadline 31.5.2023, 13 h

  • Open Call of the Academy | Learning-on-the-Job grant

    The Learning-on-the-Job scholarship offers dissertation supervisors the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for doctoral/Ph.D. candidates.

    6.6.2023, 11 h

  • Margaretha Lupac Foundation | The Science Award 2023

    The Margaretha Lupac Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy Science Award honours a scientist’s life achievements, a scientific publication, or a completed and evaluated doctoral thesis.

    Deadline 15.6.2023

  • IFK | Research Fellowship

    IFK_Research Fellowships are intended for postdoctoral researchers. Qualified applications can be submitted regardless of the nationality and institutional or professional affiliation of the applicant. Austrian applicants with comparable qualifications are given preference.

    Deadline 26.6.2023

  • IFK | Senior Fellowship

    IFK_Senior Fellowships are intended for outstanding researchers who are advanced in their academic careers, and want to pursue their own research at the IFK while fostering intellectual cooperation with the IFK_Fellows and other Austrian colleagues. Qualified applications for this fellowship will be accepted from individuals of all nationalities and regardless of institutional or professional affiliation. Applicants with an international reputation and a publication profile that identifies them as leading experts in their respective scientific fields are particularly encouraged to apply.

    Deadline 26.6.2023

  • Stiftung Deutsche Sprache | WB Stiftungspreis Wilhelm Busch 2023

    Bereits zum dritten Mal schreibt die Stiftung Deutsche Sprache den WB Stiftungspreis Wilhelm Busch aus, der für die beste deutschsprachige Bachelor- oder Masterarbeit zu dem allgemeinen Rahmenthema "Grafik und Literatur" verliehen wird.

    Deadline 30.6.2023

  • AK OÖ | Wissenschaftspreis 2023

    Der AK-Wissenschaftspreis 2023 wird für wissenschaftliche Arbeiten vergeben, die 2022 oder 2023 fertig gestellt werden und der Verbesserung der Arbeits- und Lebensbedingungen der Arbeitnehmer/-innen dienen.

    Deadline 30.6.2023

  • University of Agder | Dialogues on Songwriting: Creativity, Methods and Contexts

    Welcoming various perspectives from academic as well artistic research, the research group Songwriting and Production has the pleasure of inviting scholars, songwriters, producers, and PhD candidates in higher music education for a two-day symposium at the University of Agder, Norway, for presentations and panel discussions on these and other related questions.

    Call for Papers 15.9.2023

  • Open Call of the Academy | Dissertation projects on the Academy's website

    We would like to give doctoral and Ph.D. candidates and their dissertation projects space on the Academy website as well and present information about them in a separate section of the Center for Doctoral Studies. We, therefore, ask all doctoral and Ph.D. candidates with an approved dissertation agreement who would like to be visible as doctoral or Ph.D. candidates on the academy website to fill out the application form and upload the required documents.

    There is no submission deadline

  • Open Call of the Academy | Travel Allowances for doctoral resp. Ph.D. candidates at the Academy

    Regular students of all doctoral studies and the Ph.D.-in-Practice-Program of the Academy can apply for travel allowances for participations in international conferences as well as for the presentation of art projects.

    There is no submission deadline

  • Open Call of the Academy | Conference fees refund for Ph.D. Candidates of the Academy

    Due to Covid-19 the Center for Doctoral Studies supports regular doctoral students of the Academy in presenting dissertation/Ph.D. project results at digital conferences and symposia or in the presentation of art projects with a refund of conference fees.

    There is no submission deadline

  • Journal of Embodied Research | Open Call for Video Articles

    JER invites the submission of video articles on a rolling basis. These can focus on any topic related to embodied practice, embodied knowledge, or embodied research.

    Submissions accepted continuously

  • EU ERASMUS+ | Semester abroad

    Doctoral and Ph.D. candidates of the Academy of Fine Arts have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at a partner university within the framework of Erasmus+.

    There is no submission deadline

  • EU ERASMUS+ | Short-term stay abroad

    In order to better meet the different learning and training needs of doctoral students and to ensure equal opportunities, doctoral students will also have the opportunity to complete a short-term study visit abroad in Europe from the summer semester of 2022.

    There is no submission deadline

  • Open Gender Journal | Call for Papers

    The editors of the Open Gender Journal are pleased about the submission of  papers from all disciplines with a gender reference / focus.

    Submissions are accepted any time

  • Humboldt Research Fellowship | Postdoctoral Research in Germany

    A Humboldt Research Fellowship for international postdoctoral researchers allows to carry out long-term research (6-24 months) in Germany.

    Application is possible at any time